Upcoming LIGHTHOUSE Developments.

What are we planning for the future? To make planning even easier.

Here is a short preview of our upcoming LIGHTHOUSE developments:

Room Reservation Management
The Room Reservation Management add-on enables you to book rooms and catering
services for meetings and other events. The location, equipment and floor plan of rooms
can be displayed graphically. The functions in this add-on can be integrated into Outlook and used on iPads and iPhones. Room Reservation Management can be used with or without Bowline, the SAP Add-on for training and resource management, and SAP system.

Workforce Planning
Our Workforce Planning add-on, which is based on SAP Organizational Management,
enables you to fill jobs and positions that are time and business critical. Planning periods are user-definable, and staffing rules are customizable. Plans are created semi-automatically and can be finalized using the graphical tools provided. The input parameters that define qualities and quantities can either be entered manually or imported from an SAP application. The Workforce Planning tool can also be delivered with an iPad connection.

Graphical User Management
Which authorizations does a particular user have? What is this user’s area of work? Which authorizations does this user still need, and which are redundant? The new Graphical User Management application not only enables you to answer these questions, but it also lets you add missing authorizations and remove redundant ones. Due to its integration in HR Master Data Management and Organizational Management, this application enables you to manage the authorizations of internal and external employees on demand and in line with the assigned tasks. The graphic presentation of data and system authorizations gives users a clear view of the situation at hand, and the automatic assignment of profiles to users with graphical support tools makes it easier to perform a complex task like this. With the iPad connection provided in this add-on, you can check which authorizations a user has at any time and determine whether these authorizations conform to the predefined settings. The application can be configured and used centrally and decentrally.