It has never been so easy to create SAP® data structures.
Just a few clicks are all it takes.

Marline® makes it easy to configure and maintain SAP structures. With this tool, you can graphically create, edit and link master data for the HR modules Organizational Management, Personnel Development, and Learning Solution.

Benefits of Graphical Editing
• Clear and easy creation of structures
• Editing of structures by mouse click or using drag and drop
• Local storage and exchange of files
• Data import to the SAP backend at any time
• Thanks to the Birdview feature, view of the overall picture even in large structures
• Transfer of legacy data

Marline is particularly intended for companies with projects requiring configuration of master data. With Marline, you can create master data online or offline, transfer this data to the SAP backend, and take account of all functional and technical restrictions while doing so. Marline also lets you maintain existing master data.

Marline is delivered with preconfigured structures. Structure packages can be purchased individually. All packages contain selected standard structures. Structure packages are currently available for Organizational Management (OM), Training Management (LSO), Personnel Development, and for the LIGHTHOUSE Bowline® product.

Structure Packages
• Organizational Management
• Qualifications
• Training Management
• Bowline