Module B “Schedule Planning”.

Course Planning. Schedule Planning. Detail Planning.

Bowline Module B lets you schedule the resources you need for each lesson and subject you create. You can easily and conveniently edit this information in the Graphical Planning Table.

Module B offers you …

Planning table functions

  • Application of time schedules based on a specific pattern
  • Distribution of instructional units based on a given quantity
  • Moving, copying and deletion of classes and days
  • Taking account of school calendars
  • Assignment and graphical display of resource schedules

Model-based scheduling functions

  • Graphical definition of time schedule models
  • Graphical definition of instructional schedule models

Resource editing functions

  • Assignment of resources to subjects on an hourly basis
  • Automatic allocation of resources for the entire course duration taking account of given rules, capacities and availabilities

Functions for mapping and editing instructional units

  • Number per course
  • Core subjects
  • Instructional methods

Additional functions

  • Release of partial training schedules: iterative planning of training schedules
  • Up-to-date information for participants and instructors, for example, on training schedules, rooms, assigned instructors.