Module A “Graphical Planning Table”

Bowline’s graphic user interface enables you to perform essential planning activities for courses, resources and course participation in SAP® Training Management. With just a few mouse clicks, you can now plan and edit individual or multiple courses based on different criteria. The resource planning function lets you assign resources for one or more periods of time or for the entire course duration.

Module A extends the SAP LSO functionality with new features
to help you manage:

  • Rooms of adjustable size with movable walls and partitions
  • Pooled resources for access to multiple learning institutions
  • Composite resources each consisting of multiple single resources, such as instructor, room and equipment
  • Resource non-availability times.

Furthermore, the Graphic Planning Table offers:

  • Different editing views available in the Planning Table
  • Graphical planning of multiple training courses
  • Conflict-free graphical planning of courses
  • Function for definition of location-specific class-free days added to the
    SAP factory calendar
  • Graphical definition of course schedule patterns
  • Conflict-free graphical planning of resources
  • Graphical reservation view for individual resources and resource types.