Module C “Grading Support”

Top grades for flexible grading.

Module C lets you schedule and grade user-definable evaluations such as tests, examinations, and assignments. Individual grades can then be organ­ized by combining
them to interim and final grades on the basis of established rules and regulations. The exam preparation function not only enables you to admit selected participants to an exam, but it also lets you set exam dates for and assign grades to non-participants. In addition, it enables you to visual­ize exams and exam dates in the Planning Table (in the training schedule). Grades entered in Module C can be directly transferred to the HR Master Data Management.

Module C offers you …

Flexibly definable grading rules

  • Grades for user-definable evaluation types
  • User-definable grading scales based on numbers, percentages or points
  • Weighting of grades
  • User-definable rounding rules
  • Definable calculation methods

Dynamic reporting functions

  • Single view and individual grade display
  • Class view and overall grade display
  • Display of class standing per test, subject or course.