Module D “Accommodation Management”

Welcome to your personal reservation department.

Bowline Module D enables you to assign accommodation to specific training locations and organize them hierarchically, for example, by building, story and corridor. You can also use this tool to make room allocations and create capacity forecasts.

Rooms, participants and bookings are clearly arranged and displayed on the Graphical Planning Table of Module A. You can edit individual elements with just a few mouse clicks.
In line with the course planning phase, you can allocate rooms to registered participants
and instructors. The rooms can be assigned to course participants either manually or automatically taking account of availability, room facility and accessibility requirements.
The assigned room allocations are reserved and cannot be booked by other users.

Module D offers you …

Allocation management functions

  • Establishment of room allocations per course based on optimum capacity
  • Reduction of room allocations through participant bookings
  • Overview of course participants and the rooms assigned to them
  • Room reservation for guests by name.

A booking dialog for instructors and guests

  • Room reservation based on course planning data
  • Reservation with different arrival and departure dates
  • Reservation with special privileges, for example, single room preference.

Additional functions

  • Exchange of rooms
  • Booking of multiple-bed rooms
  • Automatic release of allocations and room bookings in case
    of course cancellation
  • Release of rooms in case of participant cancellation
  • Check-in and check-out lists.