01/13 LIGHTHOUSE hosts its first annual customer meeting.

As a software manufacturer, LIGHTHOUSE depends on the regular exchange of information with its customers. Due their growing number, an occasional and informal exchange is no longer adequate. For this reason, Lighthouse decided to launch yearly meetings to promote the exchange of information and experience between customers.

In January of this year, a meeting held at a restaurant overlooking the Elbe River in Wedel marked the start of a planned annual information exchange. During this meeting, customers had a chance to report on their projects and share experiences. SAP elaborated on the new features of its Learning Solution, and LIGHTHOUSE‘s partner Sitrion presented its products and solutions.

At this meeting, apart from presenting its Marline® und Bluelight® products, LIGHTHOUSE set its focus on elucidating the functional and technical features of its development projects. LIGHTHOUSE is planning a technological leap forward with its Bowline® software at the end of 2013. An annual meeting of this type gives customers the opportunity to take an active part in defining priorities for planned enhancements.

This first meeting was very well received by all attendees. A follow-up meeting in the fall of year is planned to inform customers about which of their requests were put into practice.