Bluelight FAQ.

Q: How long does it take to implement Bluelight?
A:Implementation of Bluelight can take up to six weeks depending on the size of your enterprise. When you implement Bluelight, you set up the training organization including training supervisors and vocational training items, as well as occupational profiles and the associated qualifications and vocational training items. If you use our ready-made occupational profiles, you can reduce the implementation time by half to three to four weeks.

Q: How do you configure holidays and school year calendars in Bluelight?
A: You can set up holidays and school year calendars using the factory calendar that is defined for the trainee work center’s organizational unit and define days without instruction using infotype 1887.

Q: How does Bluelight obtain information on trainee absences due to vacation or illness?
A:Through its complete integration with the SAP system, Bluelight has direct access to the absence times recorded in Time Management. A simple negative time recording system is required to run Bluelight.

Q: How do I map vocational school attendance with Bluelight?
A:You can map vocational school attendance using the Training and Event Management component of the SAP Learning Solution. Bluelight has access to attendance data as soon as you book a trainee on a course. If SAP Training and Event Management is not implemented in your system, you can map vocational school attendance in just a few steps.

Q: How does Bluelight’s automatic vocational education and training (VET) planning tool determine whether or not to add vocational school course duration to vocational training item duration?
A:Vocational school courses whose duration should not be added to the vocational training item duration should be assigned to the in Bluelight newly created vocational school delivery method in SAP Training and Event Management to. Using any other delivery method will cause the planning tool to add the course duration to the training item duration.

Q: How do you notify a trainee of relevant information?
A:You can notify a trainee of relevant information using the SAP Correspondence tool. Depending on your system configuration, you can send notifications to trainees via e-mail, post or fax. If you inform trainees of dates via e-mail, these dates can automatically be transferred to a calendar. You can also use an Excel spreadsheet to notify trainees, for example, of upcoming vocational training items.
In the near future, we are planning to develop an employee self-service application that will allow trainees to access relevant information online.

Q: Does the Bluelight VET planning tool take the minimum training duration at a trainee work center into account? ?
A: Yes, Bluelight’s automatic VET planning tool takes account of the minimum training duration. However, you can also use the optimum or maximum training duration as the planning basis.

Q: Does the Bluelight VET planning tool take the sequence of vocational training items into account?
A:Yes, Bluelight’s automatic VET planning tool lets you define the sequence of the training items a trainee must complete.